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JUNE 16, 2014 - SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

These prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better prior to submitting your application to the OTA program. Courses in progress will not be accepted. There are no exceptions to this process.

​Prerequisite Course Name ​Units
Biology 149, Human Anatomy & Physiology (may be taken as a part of a combined course or separately)
This course has to be taken within the last 10 years
Please see equivalent Anatomy & Physiology courses
​Communication Studies 101 or 101H,
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Communication Studies 102, Public Speaking
Communication Studies 140, Argumentation and Debate
Communication Studies 145, Group Dynamics
Communication Studies 152, Oral Interpretation
​English 101 or 101H, Freshman Composition ​4
​Psychology 101 or 101H, Introduction to Psychology
​Total Units



If you are in need of a Full Review of your Transcripts please contact our Career and Technical Education Counselor.

CTE Counselor: Maria Rios
Phone: 714.564.6810

You may also email the name of the College and Course to our CTE Counselor or Program Assistant in order to double check equivalency.