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OTA Graduation Requirements

​Course Name
​Total OTA Units Required
​Biology 149, Human Anatomy and Physiology
​Communication Studies 101 or 101H, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Communication Studies 102, Public Speaking
Communication Studies 140, Argumentation and Debate
Communication Studies 145, Group Dynamics
Communication Studies 152, Oral Interpretation

​English 101 or 101H, Freshman Composition ​4 
​Psychology 100 or 100H, Introduction to Psychology
​U.S. History or Political Science (American Institutions)
​Humanities ​3
​Cultural Breadth ​3
​Communication & Analytical Thinking ​3
​Mathematics 080 or 081, Intermediate Algebra
Score on the SAC math placement test indicating placement in a course higher than Mathematics 080/081
​Graduation Requirements for the Associate Degree

If you have earned a Bachelor's degree from this country then you will not need to take any other General Education coursework; as you have already fulfilled this requirement.

**Students that started prior to fall 2011 please see appropriate college catalog or OTA student handbook** ​​

If you are uncertain if you have met these requirements and are in need of a Full Review of your Transcripts please contact our Career and Technical Education Counselor.

CTE Counselor: Maria Rios
Phone: 714.564.6810

Main Counseling Office: