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Admissions, Registration, and Student Record Forms

The following forms are grouped by Department and available for downloading. They are all in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in to view and print them. 
Mailing address for all forms:           SAC Admissions
                                                     1530 West 17th St., S-101
                                                     Santa Ana, CA 92706
Online Registration - (how to register by computer)
Transcript Request (print two copies and mail to Admissions)
CAP form for K-12 students is required to register and must be presented to the registration staff.   A dean's signature is required for each course.  Click here for a list of Division Deans.  NOTE: Please print and complete three copies of this form.   
Academic Renewal for D, F, or NC Grade of Repeated Courses.

Course Repetition after any combination of the following 2: Withdrawal 'W' and/or substandard grade (D, F, NC, NP).  MUST be signed by Counselor.
Student Overload Petition (to enroll in more than 18 units during FALL/SPRING)    MUST be signed by a Counselor.
Significant Lapse of Time (Supporting documentation must be attached) can only be used as a basis for a repetition if the student needs to meet a recency prerequisite. Repeating a course due to significant lapse of time (at least 36 months), where a passing grade (CR, P, or C) or better was previously earned. Districts may permit or require students to enroll again in a course in which the student received a satisfactory grade if the district has determined that a significant lapse of time has occurred since the last time the student took the course (per Title 5 section 55003) and the course is required by the district as a recency prerequisite or by another institution of higher education to which the student seeks to transfer and that institution requires the student to have taken the course more recently than the student's last enrollment. All coursework shall remain on the student's permanent record. The previous grade and credit will be disregarded in computing the GPA. If a substandard grade is received for the significant lapse of time repetition the student is not allowed to use the grade alleviation process of repeating the course.
Before using one of the following forms, please contact Admissions at (714) 564-6005 for advisement on your particular situation and which form to use. PLEASE PRINT AND COMPLETE TWO COPIES OF EACH FORM. Each form requires a signature (see below). 
Petition for Academic Renewal without Course Repetition MUST be reviewed AND signed by a counselor.
Petition for Reinstatement after Dismissal - MUST submit to Admissions & Records prior to seeing a counselor.
A & G Petition (Petition for Exception to Academic Regulation)  MUST be reviewed AND signed by an instructor, a counselor OR division dean.  (Not all 3 have to sign the form.)