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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​American College Dan​​ce Association 

Over the last 25 years, the Santa Ana College Dance Department has been a member of the most prestigious collegiate dance association throughout the nation, The American College Dance Association​ (ACDA). Attending the Baja Region conference every spring semester, the SAC Dance Department commits to sponsoring dance major students to participate and perform at ACDA, an intensive 4-day workshop offering technique classes of multiple dance genres, lectures, presentations, informal concerts, and adjudicated performances. Each year, the SAC Dance Department selects one to two dances choreographed by a student, faculty, or guest a​rtist to be adjudicated by professional artists/dance educators at ACDA. Over the years, many of the dances have received outstanding feedback, with some works being selected for the final gala performance. When not attending the Baja Region conference at a Southern California college, every two to three years the SAC Dance Department travels outside of region to offer our students other collegiate experiences and opportunities. Out-of-state travels include past visits to Arizona State University, ​Iowa State University​, University of Montana​, University of Oregon, University of Utah, and Western Washington University.

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​American College Dance Association - Baja Region, Cal State Los Angeles, Gala Concert Premiere, Choreography by Leann Alduenda.

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