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​​​​​​​​​​2-Year Scheduling Guide


WELCOME! As you start your path towards completion of an A.A. Degree in Dance or Dance Certificate, please pay attention to the following:

  • PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C: - These PLANS list the general education requirements for the AA (Plan A), the CSU System (Plan B) and the UC System (Plan C). Pay special attention to which classes you have taken to meet the general education requirements and what specified areas/courses you still need to fulfill within the PLAN.
  • If you know the four-year university you wish to transfer to, make an appointment to see a counselor when you first enroll at SAC.
  • In the activity courses of Fine and Performing Arts, specific courses of genre are grouped together called "families". You are only allowed four (4) enrollments in that particular "family genre". Withdrawals and poor grades count as enrollments! Be careful!
  • For information on becoming a dance major and setting your dance career goals, make an appointment with the chair of the Dance Department, Professor Heather Gillette, contact link below. 
  • The scheduling plans below are suggested courses of study to complete your Associate Degree or Certificate in two years.

View/Download 2-Year Dance Associate Degree Scheduling Guide
View/Download 2-Year Dance Certificate Scheduling Guide


For more information contact:
Heather Gillette, Chair
Phone: (714) 564-5640
Contact by email