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Dance Concert Announcements

dancewatch 2023, November 2-4 at 7pm


Thursday August 24th, 2023 --> 2-4pm

Dance Studio G-108

We are looking for dancers of all ability levels in all styles who want to perform on stage in a live concert. Choreography by SAC faculty and guest artists. ​

Concert dates:

  • Thursday November 2nd @7pm

  • Friday November 3rd @7pm

  • Saturday November 4th @7pm

*dancers must be a​​vailable for ALL performances

Come dance with us! 

Prod​uction Information

Fall 2023 Dance Production

Join us as we tap into our creative process by embracing and celebrating movement, music, culture, art, and passion! Our Fall 2023 Dance Production will feature choreographic works by faculty and alumni, and will engage unique c​​ompositional techniques and performance opportuniti​es. We are excited to get back in the studio and create! 

Auditio​n Information

Auditions for our dance productions generally occur on Thursday and/or Friday during the first week of the semester. Please check above for audition information.  

Auditioners should be dressed appropriately in dance/athletic attire and should come prepared to learn phrasework from various discipines. Auditioners need not prepare their own choreography or solo presentation. 

*NOTE: We strongly encourage all students to be enrolled in one of the SAC dance classes, specifically ballet, jazz, and/or modern dance technique. All dance classes start the first week of the semester.  

Time Commitm​​ent 

It is important that students accepted into our dance production understand the time commitment involved and possess accountability, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. Dancers are expected to practice, prepare, and be productive! 


​Rehearsals MAY take place on the following days/times:  

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 2-4pm or 7-10pm
Fridays from 10:00a-12:00​​pm or 12:00p-2:00pm or 2:00p-4:00pm

A student enrolled does not necessarily need to be available for all days/times, unless available for specific roles. Students are also expected to practice the choreography and video record themselves on their own time, during a time frame called LAB (DNCE 009ABCD). 

two dancers in blurred focus

​Registra​​​tion Information

All dancers accepted into the dance production must register for one of the following courses:​

​For non-d​ance majors

  • DNCE 107 - Dance Concert Performance


For da​nce majors

  • DNCE 240A  - Repertory I
  • DNCE 240B  - Repertory II
  • DNCE 240C  - Repertory III
  • DNCE 240D  - Repertory IV

In ADDITION to one of the following LAB courses:​

  • DNCE 009A # - Dance Lab I
  • DNCE 009B # - Dance Lab II
  • DNCE 009C # - Dance Lab III
  • DNCE 009D​ # - Dance Lab I​V



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