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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dance Touring Ensemble​​​​​

The year 2021 celebrated the SAC Dance Touring Ensemble's 21st anniversary ​of providing an extensive outreach touring program. The ensemble continues to serve thousands of students, K-12, throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Under the direction of Leann Alduenda, Associate Professor of Dance, the SAC Dance Touring Ensemble presents lecture-demonstrations and performances with innovative, bold, and highly stylized choreography, captivating and inspiring all audiences. As a leading advocacy for dance education and reinforcing curriculum​ diversity, the SAC Dance Touring Ensemble continues to build strong relations with its feeder high schools and Orange County arts programs.  It also provides unique performance opportunities for its ensemble dancers to network with prestigious and reputable university dance programs, local dance festivals, and professional dance companies​. Ensemble dancers also learn leadership and management roles, having opportunities to co-teach and demonstrate lecture-presentations and understand company management. Utilizing dance as a means to build a stronger community voice is vital and the mission is simple: To Be Seen, To Be Heard; Fine and Performing Arts inspires and ignites change!

Class Descriptions 

Auditions are required for all courses

  • ​Dance 205A Dance Touring Ensemble I 
  • Dance 205B Dance Touring Ensemble II
  • Dance 205C Dance Touring Ensemble III
  • Dance 205D Dance Touring Ensemble IV​
For more information contact:
Leann Alduenda, Associate Professor
Phone: (714) 564-5641