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Pell Grant & Cal Grant Disbursement


Cal Grant and Pell Grant payments are made in two payments each semester.  The first payment is the equivalent of a half-time payment.  The first payment of Cal Grant and Pell Grant will be made as long as a student is enrolled in at least six units.  If you receive your first check and then drop do below six units, you will have been overpaid and will be billed for the overpayment.  Students who are receiving Cal Grant B or C must be enrolled in a minimum of six units to be eligible for payment.  If you are enrolled in less than 6 units and do not plan to add more units, please check with the Financial Aid Office as your payment must be recalculated based on a less than half-time enrollment status.

First Disbursements for Pell Grants will be 50% of a full-time Pell Grant.

Second Disbursements for Pell Grants - Your eligibility for Pell Grant (if applicable) will be RECALCULATED before the second disbursement for each semester.  Your second payment of Pell Grant will be based on your enrollment status as of October 17,2016. For the Spring semester, your eligibility will be recalculated based on your enrollment as of April 10,2017. You must complete all adds and drops no later than these two dates.  Once your enrollment status has been set for financial aid purposes, your enrollment will then determine the amount, if any, of the second disbursement for Pell Grant and Cal Grant.  Additionally, this will be the enrollment status used to evaluate your satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.  Awards will be recalculated as follows:
  •  Full-Time = 12 or more units each semester. 
  • Three-Quarter Time = 9 - 11 units each semester. 
  • Half-Time = 6 - 8 units each semester.  If your enrollment status at midpoint is 6 - 8 units, you are considered a half-time student.  You will NOT be scheduled for a second disbursement for Pell Grant or Cal Grant as you would have received your full half-time payment for the semester in the first disbursement for the semester. 
  • Less than Half-Time = 1 - 5 units each semester.  If your enrollment status at midpoint is below six units, you are considered a less than half-time student.  Your eligibility wilt be recalculated and may result in a billing due to overpayment of funds as your first disbursement was equal to a half-time payment.  You will NOT be scheduled for a second disbursement of Pell Grant In addition, your recalculated eligibility may require repayment of funds previously disbursed do you. You will be notified if any repayment is required.


Cal Grant B and C payments awards are made one per semester.  The payment amount is based on your enrollment status.  Students must maintain enrollment in at least 6 units each semester to remain eligible.  Leave of absence request forms are available in the Financial Aid Office.


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