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Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee (IE&A)

RSCCD Mission: The mission of the Rancho Santiago Community College District is to provide quality educational programs and services that address the needs of our diverse students and communities.

Santa Ana College Mission: The mission of Santa Ana College is to be a leader and partner in meeting the intellectual, cultural, technological and workforce development needs of our diverse community. Santa Ana College provides access and equity in a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for transfer, careers and lifelong intellectual pursuits in a global community.

Santa Ana College Vision Themes: I. Student Achievement; II. Use of Technology; III. Innovation; IV. Community; V. Workforce Development; VI. Emerging American Community.

The mission of the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee (IE&A) is to review all college planning efforts and make recommendations to the College Council regarding systematic, integrated planning. IE&A is  the group responsible for managing the Educational Master Plan as well as receiving recommendations regarding all program review efforts. Recommendations from the Teaching Learning Committee (for Academic Portfolio Assessment/Program Review), Student Services and Administrative Services inform updates and changes to the college Strategic Plan as well.  For more information, please contact the co-chairs, Bonnie Jaros, at ext 564-6989 or or the Vice President Academic Affairs, Linda Rose, at ext 564-6080 or

Members for 2012-2013: Bonnie Jaros & Linda Rose, Co-Chairs; Cher Carrera; Michael T. Collins; Sue Garnett; Raymond Hicks; James Kennedy; Sara Lundquist; Nga Pham; Denise Phillips; John Zarske

Members for 2013-2014: Bonnie Jaros & Linda Rose, Co-Chairs; Cher Carrera; Michael T. Collins; Jonathan DeLaMora; Raymond Hicks; James Kennedy; Sara Lundquist; Nga Pham; Denise Phillips; Lithia Williams; John Zarske

Note for 2014-2015: The Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee was eliminated from the participatory governance structure as of the 2014-2015 academic year. The role of the IE&A Committee has been assumed by other  participatory governance committees, workgroups or offices as follows:

  • College Council serves as the oversight governance committee of the Strategic Plan.
  • The Budget and Planning Committee serves as the oversight governance committee for planning/budget.
  • The Accreditation Committee serves as the oversight group for accreditation reports.
  • The Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Office has been established to oversee Institutional Effectiveness activities. The IE&A Coordinator/Accreditation Liaison Officer currently serves on College Council and continues to serve as the chair of the Accreditation Committee and theTeaching Learning Committee.   (For further information, please see

Meeting Minutes and Documents 2013

Minutes 09-13-13 & Agenda 10-11-13 
Minutes 08-30-13 & Agenda 09-13-13 
Minutes 05-22-13 & Agenda 08-30-13 
Minutes 02-13-13 & Agenda 02-27-13  
MINUTES March 13, 2013



Committee Documents


Educational Master Plan 2007 (Also see Educational Master Plan web page)
SAC Month-by-Month Planning Calendar
Strategic Plan 2007-2015, updated Spring 2008
Educational Master Plan: Program Review Part I: Academic
Educational Master Plan: Program Review Part II: Student Services
Educational Master Plan: Program Review Part III: Administrative Services
Educational Master Plan: Program Review Part IV: President's Cabinet * Duplicate?
Technology Plan (without appendices)
Direct Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Planning Cycle
Planning Calendar Matrix
SAC Mission Statement, Board of Trustees approved November 19, 2007



College Wide Strategic Planning Session--April 13, 2007

On April 13 a group of 60 faculty, classified staff and managers met to review SAC planning models, create goals and review the mission statement. The work products are listed below: