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Nutrition and Dietetics Degree

Nutrition and Dietetics Degree (0521)

The associate degree curriculum in nutrition and dietetics prepares students to transfer into a curriculum at a four year institution leading to a baccalaureate degree.  Opportunities in the field include positions in: management in hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants; clinical dietetics in acute care hospitals, clinics and convalescent homes; community nutrition at all levels - international, federal, state, and local; research, product development and testing; teaching, and promotion of food in business.


​Course Name and Number ​Course Title ​Units
Nutrition and Food 115 or 115H Nutrition​ 3​
Nutrition and Food 116 Principles of Food Preparation​ 3​
Biology 229​ General Microbiology​ 5​
Chemistry 219​ General Chemistry​ 5​
Psychology 100 OR​ Introduction to Psychology​ 3​
Psychology 100 H​ Honors Introduction to Psychology​

Recommended Electives:

  • Anthropology 100 or 100H or Sociology 100 or 100H; 
  • Biology 249;
  • Economics 120; 
  • English 101 or 101H
  • Nutrition and Food 101
  • Nutrition and Food 118
  • Nutrition and Food 190 or 299

Courses recommended for upper division standing check with the Division

Counselor and the transfer school to verify current courses.