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Automotive Courses

​Automotive Courses

These classes are offered every semester on a day and evening rotation sequence.  Starting salaries range between $10.00 to $17.00 per hour.  Skilled mechanics can earn $40,000+ per year with experience.  Full and part time jobs are available.  ​


Auto 002 Essentials
Unit(s): 3.0
Class Hours: 48 Lecture total.
Intended for automotive majors. Introduction to basic practical applications of technology required for advanced-level courses. Theory, parts nomenclature, and description of systems are emphasized. 

Auto 006 Automotive Maintenance
Unit(s): 4.0
Class Hours: 48 Lecture 64 laboratory total.
Introduces basic maintenance procedures in the areas of engines, drive lines, and electrical systems. This course is recommended for consumers and students interested in entering the automotive repair field. Students furnish hand tools and safety equipment.​​ 

Auto 022 Electronics Fundamentals
Unit(s): 5.0
Class Hours: 64 Lecture total 64 Laboratory total.
Introduction to the basic operating principles of electrical and electronic devices used in motor vehicles. Suggested preparation: Automotive Technology 002 or 006. (same as Diesel 022)

Auto 024 Electrical Systems
Unit(s): 5.0
Class Hours: 64 Lecture total 64 Laboratory total.
Theory, operation, diagnosis and maintenance of the following systems and components: lighting, instrument, and accessory circuits. Students furnish hand tools and safety equipment. Suggested preparation: Automotive Technology 002 or 006, and 022.

Auto 032 Tune-up
Auto 043 Automatic Transmission Service
Auto 044 Power Train Service
Auto 053 Brakes
Auto 054 Front Ends
Auto 062 Air Conditioning and Heating
Auto 072 General Automotive Engine Service
Auto 076 Engine Machining
Auto 080 Computer Controls
Auto 081 Fuel Injection Systems
Auto 082 Automotive Computer Sensors
Auto 083 Automotive Lab Scopes
Auto 084 OBD II
Auto 085 Basic Clean Air Car Course
Auto 095 Automotive Lab Experience

Auto 108 Oxyacetylene –Arc Welding
Unit(s): 3.0
Class Hours: 16 Lecture 96 laboratory total.
Technical knowledge and basic skills needed for occupational oxyacetylene and arc welding processes and applications. Students must furnish safety equipment.​

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