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A History of Success, A Future of Promise

Doug Davert

 Halls of Fame


Alumni PictureDoug Davert

Shortly after enrolling as a freshman at a southern California four-year college in 1983, Tustin native, Doug Davert, reconsidered his options and enrolled at Santa Ana College. His ties to the college included his mother who had taught English at SAC for more than 30 years.
Taking advantage of the broad range of classes offered at SAC, Doug pursued political science and criminal justice. He particularly remembers Professor George Wright, under whom he studied both at Santa Ana College, and later at Chapman University where he transferred after graduating from SAC in 1985. Doug credits Professor Wright with helping him in his very successful career as an attorney. Doug later went on to earn his Juris Doctorate degree at Loyola Law School. He is now a partner in the firm of Davert & Loe, which specializes in real estate, land use and business matters. He also serves as a Judge ProTem for the Long Beach/Los Angeles Superior Courts.
Doug has a long and continuing record of community service, both in Tustin and in Orange County. First elected to the Tustin City Council in 2002, Doug was selected to serve as mayor of Tustin in 2006. He also served on the Tustin Planning Commission as chairman and vice chairman, the Tustin Pride Committee as chairman and secretary, the Area Council for Fine Arts as secretary, and on the Tustin Old Town Association. In addition, he lends his support to the school system by working on the Tustin Public Schools Foundation as a volunteer for the yearly 5K and 10K Dinosaur Dash. The Community Development Block Grant Citizen Participation Committee, the Tustin Community Foundation and various Tustin Unified School District committees have also benefited from his enthusiastic, insightful support. Furthermore, Doug is an active member of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to his duties on the Tustin City Council, Doug currently is vice chairman for the Orange County Sanitation District. He is a director for the Orange County Fire Authority and an alternate director for the Tustin Senior Fund Board of Directors, Airport Land Use Commission, and Orange County Council of Governments. He represents Orange County cities on the California Identification Remote Access Network Board of Directors and is a volunteer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Doug is also a graduate of the Tustin Police Department Citizens Police Academy.
Reflecting on his college experience, Doug realizes that many students are not prepared for the pressure of a four-year college immediately after high school. He is grateful that Santa Ana College gave him a nurturing learning environment while preparing him for university studies and a lifelong career.
A Tustin resident since 1968, Doug lives there with his wife Melanie and two daughters, Grace and Laura.