Courses Offered

Courses Offered Within the 3D Certificate Program

Art 196A, 3D Modeling Fundamentals

Become oriented on how to build objects in a three dimensional software program. Gain proficiency in modeling characters and other objects for games and cinema, as well as modeling for architectural, and product visualization.

Art 166, Creating Realism with Textures & Lights

Learn how to achieve realistic looking texture maps and how to create lighting effects in order to maximize the realism of your 3D scenes. Using Photoshop with 3D Studio Max, you will learn to create texture maps to be used in games, cinema, and architectural visualization. You will learn to use the Mental Ray renderer and lighting systems to replicate awesome reality for indoor and outdoor scenes.

Art 165, 3D Character Animation

Learn to animated two and four legged characters, using the CAT Animation System, Custom Rigs, skinning, and facial animation. Emphasis in incorporating the principles of animation within all class work.

Art 197A, 3D Animation Fundamentals

Creating Hollywood quality 3d animation has never been easier than now, with the utilization of computer technology. Today, an individual can create an entire 3d animation that previously would require an entire staff of artists. Using the entertainment industry favorite software program, 3D Studio Max, you will learn how to animate objects, and characters using a wide variety of tools in this hands-on class. This class will take you step by step, starting with the fundamentals and send you on your way to the creation of exciting animations.

Art 180, Video Game/Interactive Media Art Production

A hands-on overview of art production for games and interactive media. Focus on how to use digital 3D art for 2D and 3D games. Instruction in industry standard graphics software and techniques in art production from concept, to finished art assets for games and interactive media.

Art 185, Fundamentals of Cartooning & Storyboarding

Introduction to basic character development and storyboarding as used in television, film and electronic games. The course Includes sketching, inking, the development of characters, storyboard development and an overview of cartoon and storyboard history.

Art 167, 3D Commercial Applications

This course is designed to expose students to the various job opportunities available in the field of digital arts, particularly jobs applicable to those trained in digital 3d arts. Students will explore such options and tailor a portfolio for a particular job market. Students whose goal it is to pursue a higher degree will be encouraged to prepare their art portfolio for college admittance exams. Instructor coaching will assist students in honing portfolio pieces appropriate for the individual's chosen career objective. With focus on commercial application, students will learn how to prepare 3d artwork for the web, television, video games, and print. Students will create their own online portfolio website, and business cards, and gain experience in how to network and interview for jobs. Course includes field trips to a variety of companies who hire digital 3D artists.