3D Career Opportunities

Former student, Henri Brownell at work at Cell Science in San Juan Capistrano

Film Industry

Animated Feature Films, special effects, and pre-visualization.

Broadcast Television Industry

Children's Shows, regular TV programs, commercials and news.

Video Games

Sectors include games for entertainment, education, and business training.

Product & Industrial

Pre-visualization and development.


Pre-visualization and development.

Print & Web-based Illustration

Advertising, science, medicine and children' book illustration.

About Jobs in Digital 3D

"Pay is higher and demand is strong"

The California Community College and Economic Work Force and Development Program have completed their studies of jobs in the film, television, and video game industries and it looks very bright, indeed! Go to http://www.cccewd.net, then click on Resource Directory Link. Next do search for key words, "game", or "entertainment".

*Studies funded by the state of California.