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A History of Success, A Future of Promise

Now more than ever, the Santa Ana College Foundation team is committed to serving all our students, staff, and donors. 

Christina Romero, Executive Director, Office of Advancement & Foundation -, 714-564-6095

Kristin Ellsworth, Development Coordinator, Office of Advancement & Foundation -, 714-564-6075

Nancy Naguib, Scholarship Coordinator, Office of Advancement & Scholarships -, 714-564-6995

Jose Corona, Student Program Specialist, Office of Advancement & Scholarships,, 714-564-6478

Karen Retana, Interim Administrative Secretary, Office of Advancement & Foundation,, 714-564-6091

With love,​​

The Santa Ana College Office of Advancement


Urgent Action Student Support Form

​The Santa Ana College Foundation is committed to ensuring that no student is denied educational opportunities due to financial constraint. In addition to need, the following other criteria must be met:​

• Minimum 2.0 GPA with student in good standing.

• Student must provide educational plan pertaining to educational goals and estimated date of completion of goal (ie. Transfer, Associates Degree, Certificate, etc.).

• Explanation of why or how other financial aid plays into the overall picture for the student.

• Must have completed at least one full semester.

• Transcripts must be included.

• Must be willing to provide progress report at end of semester.

•  Upon any approval of funding, student must sign a statement agreeing to provide The Foundation a progress report at the end of the semester that​ funding occurred and understanding that this is one-time urgent assistance.​

Apply for Urgent Action Funding h​ere​.​​


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