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Mary Huebsch

Mary Huebsch is the non-native specialist in the Communication Studies Department at Santa Ana College. She received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in Asian Studies and Philosophy. She has Master's degrees from UCLA in Teaching English as a Second Language and from California State University, Fullerton in Communciative Disorders.

Note to Students: Please Join us in Communication Studies N52A, N52B, N53, 097 and improve your communication skills in English! Read ahead to see what you will learn in these classes:

"Because of this class, I learned how to feel sure of myself when I speak because I practiced and learned good pronunciation of words."

"After being in speech for a whole semester, I can see when I make a mistake while I talk. I'm not perfect, but I have learned a lot about pronunciation. Whenever I talk to someone, I can make sounds more clearly so people can understand me better. I feel free to talk to anyone and the more I talk in English the more I feel like talking."

"What I like most in this class was when we started linking words. It was fun and interesting to know why American can talk so fast and easily."

"I was afraid of speaking English before but I feel confident now. I really like the ways you gave us to practice outside of class with native people."

"This class is helping me a lot. Before whenever I read or spoke English words, I didn't have confidence about -ed and -s sounds. However, now I know when to pronounce -ed as /t/ or /d/, etc."