Commercial Photography Certificate

​Commercial Photography Certificate Certificate of 
Achievement (Transcripted)

Program Code: SAC.PHOT.CA
Program Control Number: 21787

The digital photography certificate program is an intensive course
of study focused on providing the student with a broad base of
technical skills with additional emphasis on visual communication.
Career positions include production printer, studio photographer
and freelance photographer.

Learning Outcome(s):
1. Demonstrate visual literacy, including competency in the
nonverbal languages of art and design.
2. Demonstrate competency in critical analysis and verbal and
written responses to visual phenomena.
3. Possess the aesthetic knowledge and technical skills
necessary in digital photography, including wedding,
Quinceañera and commercial, to begin a career as a
production printer, studio photographer or freelance

Required C​ore Courses:

​​​Units: 18.5-
​PHOT 009 Photography Lab
​PHOT 180 Beginning Photography
​PHOT 185A Landscape Photography
​PHOT 191 Commercial Studio Practices
​PHOT 191 Commercial Studio Practices
​PHOT 194 Digital Workflow
​PHOT 196 Commercial Photography
​PHOT 291 Wedding and Quinceañera
​Electives 3 units must be chosen from the following courses:​Units: 3
​ART 124 Gallery Production
​ART 129 Introduction to Web Design
​ART 162 Digital Design with Photoshop-I
​BUS 170 Principles of Small Business
​PHOT 150 History of Photography
​PHOT 292 Portrait Photography
Total: 21.5-

Photography Pages from SAC 2020-2021 Catalog.pdf