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These days, lithium batteries are located in lots of devices, including digital cameras, laptops, cell phones and lots of other electronic devices. If you want to maintain your battery pack and extend its lifetime, we suggest that you follow the tips given below. These tips will also protect your smart phone and other apparatus from damage. Read on.

Charge your batteries first

When you purchase a battery pack, be sure to charge it for 12 hours prior to placing it in your device. As a matter of fact, all producers advocate charging these batteries for at least 12 hours before first use.

Actually, if you've got a lithium ion battery, then this approach is essential. Unlike the normal Ni-MH Ni-CD batteries, lithium-ion batteries are pre-activated. Since they have a low self-discharge pace, make sure you charge your batteries first.

The moment the charger gives you the index, you can remove the batteries and put them in your device. Here, in addition, it is important to note that these batteries need to go through at least 3 cycles before reaching their entire capacity.

Use the right charger

We all take decent care of our electronic gadgets but we have a tendency to ignore the outcomes of using the incorrect charger. When you purchase a charger, be certain you choose the original charger. If you can not get the first one, we suggest that you choose a high-quality charger with overcharge protection. Purchasing a low-quality unit is not a good idea as it may lead to shorter run time, battery failure or fire/explosion.

Do not overcharge

Normally, low-quality chargers end up overcharging the battery. What happens is that the substance within the battery warms up, which may reduce the life span of the battery. Therefore, it's better that you fully charge your battery. In some cases, overcharging may cause the battery to explode.

Don't touch the metal contacts

For highest performance, be sure you clean the battery contacts on a regular basis. When you carry the batteries with you, you might want to stop the contacts from touching metal stuff like your car keys. This is important when you don't need to face a short circuit. Should this happen, you may wind up damaging your battery life. In a worse situation, fire or explosion may also occur.

Do not use the battery in extreme temperatures

Usually, lithium-ion batteries can work well only if the temperatures are in a specific selection. If utilized in extreme temperatures for quite a while, the backup time and helpful cycles will fall.

Don't store your battery without charging

If you leave your battery without charging for over 3 weeks, you might cause damage to it. Ideally, in this situation, be sure that you partially charge your battery package before putting it in your drawer for a month or two. Ideally, it should be charged at 30% of capacity.

Long story short, if you are likely to obtain a lithium-ion battery pack, ensure to follow these tips. By following this advice, you can extend the lifespan of your battery life.

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