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The micro switch is a useful component in every industry of the world. As very multi functional switches, they can get found in almost every mechanical and electrical device. The following components are essential parts of the micro switch.


In micro switches, the actuator is used to apply a mechanical force to the switch. This applied force changes the state of the switch. The actuators have different designs, from the levers to the buttons and more. The designs are chosen based on the category of actuator that will effectively work with the machinery or the appliance which houses the micro switch. As an example, the button actuator works pretty well on the door of a car. This is because a closed door can press down the button. This creates a change of state within the micro switch. This induces some type of action like switching off an alarm and so on.

Micro switch Boots

The micro switch boots is a component of the micro switch. This boot is inserted above the actuator and any other part of the micro switch. The primary function of the switch boot is to stop the inflow of water into the micro switch. Alternatively, the switch boot can be used as a source of identification. Most times, the switch boot comes color-coded. These color codes show that the switch is a component of a particular system or circuit. Furthermore, colored boots can get used in this regard. It makes locating the microswitch a lot easier.

Micro switch caps

The micro switch cap is similar to the micro switch boot. Just like the actuator, the micro switch caps goes above the actuator. This provides protection plus an easy way of recognizing the switch.

Micro switch Hex nuts

The hex nuts are special fastening tools that get threaded to the micro switch to hold it firmly. The micros witch hex nuts are great solutions for the micro switch, fixed beneath a surface while the actuator projects out above. The hex nuts are easily used to secure the micro switch. When they are needed, the micro switch can be removed easily.

Micro switch levers

A micro switch comes with a lever. The purpose of the lever on a micro switch is to activate the actuator. The micro switch levers come in various sizes and designs. They get used in numerous applications. The micro switch lever simplifies the trigger mechanism of the micro switch.

Micro switch terminal covers

Micro switches come with a device known as a terminal cover. The purpose of the terminal cover is to act as an insulation against potential contaminants. The terminal covers offer a way of preventing the terminals from becoming accidentally shorted. They also stop the terminals from touching the operators; otherwise, there could be a potential shock.

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