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It is a switch that may be dipped in water or rain with out failure. The common waterproof switch is rated at IP67, which suggests it may be used within the dust performs an entire protecting role, it may be able of about 1M underneath normal temperature, and it'll not be broken for half-hour.

The waterproof switch is an indispensable element within the product, so many water-related products need to use it. Its position is to make sure that our products can still work once they encounter water intrusion. Strongly guarantee product quality. With the usage of increasingly charged products, many digital merchandise such as kitchen appliances, medical equipment, operation panel equipment and different products have waterproof switches. It can shield the person and might proceed to use even if the product is by accident crammed with water. The extra delicate of waterproof switches, which have an effect on the higher the safety and the longer life.

Unionwelll have varied forms of waterproof switch, welcome you to decide on which sort you are preferable.

There are many switches produced by Unionwell micro switch limit switch manufacturer, which are together with toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, pushbutton switches, Anti-vandal metal switches, capacitive switches, piezo switches, and so forth., among which the waterproof series switches meet the standard of IP67. Unionwelll production has all the time adhered to the precept of quality first, clients first, and the product high quality control is extremely strict. To meet buyer needs and be sure that quality meets buyer calls for, customer satisfaction and trust are Unionwelll's most valuable belongings.

IP is an acronym for "Ingress Protection" towards objects that intrude into the enclosure of any kind of kit. The IP ratings are defined in the IEC standard 60529, which was developed by the lnternational Electrotechnical Commission. Specifically, IEC 60529 defines an enclosure as, "a part providing safety of equipment against sure external influences and in any direction safety against direct contact."The IP score is formatted as "IP" adopted by two digits. The first digit signifies a safety level against solids corresponding to dust, and the second digit signifies a protection stage towards liquids.