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The non-poisonous, non-staining properties of Flame Safe's Fabric Safe hearth retardant fabric coating makes it a natural for protecting interior furnishings. The protection price of FABRIC SAFE is sq. feet per gallon depending on the type and weight of the material being fire retardant spray.

The ensuing liquid can be used in a spray bottle to apply on a wide range of natural and manmade materials, paper and untreated wood. RDR Technologies focuses on fire retardants, fireplace suppressants, and a number of other other specialty chemicals.

You can use a easy spray bottle, a pump-up garden sprayer , or a painter's airless sprayer. For doing tall curtains, like for a theater, utilizing a three-foot extension wand is very useful.

It’s formulation permits it to penetrate and truly turn out to be a part of the wooden structure, providing most put on and durability. National Fireproofing Supply Co. works differently than different fire retardant spray for paper in the marketplace by making a melamine carbon shield when heated over 300°. This melamine carbon defend stops fireplace and prevents the spread of flame. The coverage rate of Fabric Safe is 300 to 500 square ft per gallon relying on the type and weight of the fabric being treated. A sponge could be an effective method of applying the retardant on wallpaper and wall coverings.

In addition to making our personal formulas, we provide many greatest-in-class products from different producers as nicely. We have obtainable several different hearth retardants that aren't listed here.

Our function at National Fireproofing Supply Co. is to provide low risk and highly effective versions of Industrial, Textile, Timber remedies, to Industry & the general public which might be protected & "Environmentally Green" as Possible. Flame Safe's Fabric Safe fire retardant fabric coating provides excellent fire and smoke protection throughout the interior of properties and businesses.

In most instance FABRIC SAFE is utilized with a twig applicator. A sponge may be an effective methodology of applying FABRIC SAFE hearth retardant on wallpaper and wall coverings. All textiles/materials lose a few of their fire retardant qualities after deep cleansing, therefor re-therapy with FABRIC SAFE is suggested to achieve most outcomes. Pile or high tufted carpet specifically is suitable for FABRIC SAFE fire retardant spray for fabric after deep cleaning.

Very thick materials may require treating each side of the fabric. One quart ought to be able to treat about one hundred square feet of material, with two coats. Spray to Protect DC68 is a water based fireplace proofing spray that could be a Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless formula that can be used on just about any water absorbent material or material. Some of the imagery was produced utilizing "everlasting" cloth markers.

Be positive to flush out the airless with clear water after using. Simply spray the product on the fabric and allow to air dry. Make sure the fabric is clear, or the liquid might deliver the dust to the floor.

If you've a necessity for a particular type of fireside retardant, or you are not certain which product you need to meet code, be at liberty to call Doug at , and we'll do our greatest to get you the proper product. Be sure all supplies are dry before applying Fabric Safe. Flame Stop® I is a universal fire retardant that works on most inside porous cellulotic materials.