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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Digital Media Arts! Here at Santa Ana College, the programs for Digital Media Arts & Graphic Design offer several options for guiding students into careers in the field of digital design, graphic design and graphic arts, publishing design, illustration, and a variety of other areas of digital design & media production.

Beginning Fall 2021, this program will be housed in the Digital Media department!

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  • M.F.A. Imaging Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • B.A. Visual Arts, Rice University​
​Associate Professor Stephanie Clark
Program Head, Digital Media Arts

Professor Clark is a designer, artist and photographer who enjoys exploring the exciting boundaries between traditional studio practice and digital media tools! Her experience includes teaching Visual Communications, Digital Design, Graphic Arts, Video Production, Digital Photography and 2D Foundations at several universities and colleges across Texas and California. Her previous title was Senior Lecturer in Digital Design at University of Texas at Arlington, the fastest growing university in the United States at the time and a Latino Serving Institution. Her time at SAC has included relaunching the Web Design Program, launching our online History of Animation course, and encouraging cross-collaboration across the college campus.

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She is also the contact for dual enrollment and to inform students abo​ut course scheduling.
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Jennifer McMillan
Alexander Fitch
​Diana Pastrana

​​Annapurna Kumar
​Thien Pham


Digital Media Arts AA​​

Graphic Design AA


Production Artist

 UX Design

Graphic Arts

​Courses Offered

Course No.

​​Course Title



Art 195​

​Introduction to Media Arts


Introduction to Digital Media Arts introduces students to the tools of digital design using Adobe CC. Topics include digital montage, digital illustration, layout and contemporary design problems for the creative professional!

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer - Online & F2F

​Art 107​History of Animation3​ Critical and historical survey of animation as a form of communication and cultural expression, from prehistoric origins to present digital formats Animation history is studied in relation to the background for its creation in contemporary culture and society including the U S A , Europe, and Japan. Students analyze and evaluate a large cross-section of animated works.

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Online Only

​ART 121A/B*

​Fundamentals/Advanced Typography


Fundamentals of Typography introduces students to the world of typographic design and typeface usage. Students learn about popular typefaces and history, and design their own typefaces exploring type as both artform and practical tool for graphic communications!​

Fall F2F / Spring F2F & Online

​ART 164​Web Design​3
Introduction to web design using digital media tools; graphics, illustrations, text, sound, motion, using software programs for the web. Students research how software programs are used in business presentations, advertising, entertainment, and self-promotion. Overview of elements and principles of design and motion.

Fall/Spring - Online Only
​ART 122**Graphic Design​3​ Introduction to basic graphic design concepts, techniques and practices resulting in the production of effective visual communications. Projects combine text with images, using current industry standards and technology in print media and other design applications.

Spring  F2F
​ART 193/TELV 193Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects 
3​ This graphics animation course covers the development of original motion graphics. Video editing skills are refined within the animation software to create animated clips for use in multiple media applications. Some experience in non-linear digital video editing is recommended, as well as some graphic design experience.

Fall Online
​ART 162*​Digital Illustration I

An introduction to digital design and photographic imaging, including experience in design and development of single and multiple page documents.
Offered every 3 semesters as part of an Adobe Course Series!​

Summer Online

​ART 191A*
​Layout Design
3​ An introduction to digital publishing and page layouts including experience in design and development of single and multiple page documents Also includes advanced technique in complex documents and web-ready pages using InDesign software.

Fall  F2F
​ART 192*
Digital Illustration II
3​Summer Online
​ART 168*​Portfolio & Business Practices2​
Digital Media: Portfolio & Business Development prepares students’ portfolios for work in the field and application for transfer. Seen as a capstone course that covers branding, team building and networking. 100% job placement in the field for all students during Spring ‘16! Spring Offering only.

Fall F2F/Summer Online

​ART 125

​Cooperative Workforce Experience - Graphic Design


This work experience course of supervised employment is designed to assist students to acquire desirable work habits, attitudes and skills in a field related to the students’ major so as to enable them to become productive employees. This course also provides students with career awareness for jobs. 75 hours of paid work or 60 hours of un-paid work equals one unit of course credit. Student repetition is allowed per Title 5, Section 55253. (must have completed 6 units of digital media coursework at SAC to enroll)


*Pre-requisite: ART 195
**Stacked with 168


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