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Self-Service Support

What is Self-Service?

Self-Service is a student information system that is used at Santa Ana College.  All Santa Ana College students can use this system to do the following:​

​- Register for classes
- Drop classes
- Access your course transcripts
- and more! ​​​​

Why Use Self-Service? 
When you use Self-Service to register for a class, your application is processed immediately. There is no wait time. Also, you can search for a class by the instructor's name. 

How do I access Self-Service?
You can access self service at the following link:​

Username: Your school email address (sj33445@student.sac​.edu)​
Password: If this is your first time logging in to Self-Service, your password is your birthday. 

For example, if your birthday is April 6, 1990, your password will be: Apr061990​​
*Once you login, you will be prompted to change your password.  

How do I register using Self-Service?

Click on the links below for a step by step guide in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.