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​Television/Video Communications A - Televsion Production Certificate

Emphasis on orientation with studio and field equipment, production planning, program directing, and post-production process.

Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Students will demonstrate basic knowledge and operational skills associated with various technologies and equipment utilized in the production and post production of professional video programs
  2. Students will acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding of the various aspects and crew positions associated with producing professional television programs, so as to be able to effectively assess the technical and personnel requirements for a production, coordinate the necessary resources and successfully execute the plan as either an individual or a member of a production team
  3. Students will demonstrate critical thinking by reviewing and critiquing past and current movies and TV shows to assess their strengths and weakness from the point of view of the media consumer.
​Course No​Course Title​Units
Core Courses: (12 units) ​ ​
TELV 100​​Introduction to Electronic Media: TV, Radio, Film and the Internet​3
​TELV 112Introduction to Video Editing and Postproduction​​3
​TELV 140​Cinematography​3
​TELV 115A​Single-Camera Production and Editing​3
​Required Courses (9 units) ​ ​
​TELV 120Beginning Screenwriting for TV, Fil, the Web, Corporate Video and Digital Media​​3
​TELV 110​Introduction to Television Production​3
​TELV 215​Advanced Single-Camera/Digital Cinema Production​3
​Total Units:​21