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StudioProduction-26.jpgOur programs reflect the rapidly changing areas in the field of TV​ & Video Communications! The Department offers 4 programs in Broadcasting & Journalism, Agency Production (Film), Script Writing and TV Production. The Department strives to maintain and develop comprehensive curricula that provide current, innovative undergraduate and career training in the practice and theory of media production, with a focus on a broad spectrum of fields and specializations. 

All disciplines are highly structured, providing students with a clear career path. Our faculty prepare students both conceptually and practically for a variety of careers in these fields.

StudioProduction-30-2.jpg Los Angeles County and Orange County is expected to see plenty of growth in the Television sector. It is estimated that from 2017 to 2022 there will be 2,200 jobs in just the audio/video equipment technicians, Camera Operaters, and broadcast technicians alone. Starting positions in the field can earn $15 an hour, with opportunity for growth in the field. Students can begin working in the field in as little as a year.


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