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​Agency Film Production Certificate of Achievement

This certificate will introduce and develop core single-camera production skills including producing, directing, filming, and editing videos for clients. Students will ise the same production process used for narrative and documentary filmmaking, but learn how to do so to meet client business needs for marketing and training. Upon completion of this certificate program, students will be eligible for entry level employment as Production Assistants, Editors, Videographers, Assistant Directors and Project Managers.

Course No.Course TitleUnits
Core Courses (21 units)
ART 195Introduction to Digital Media Arts3
TELV 115ASingle-Camera Production and Editing3
TELV 112Introduction to Video Editing and Postproduction3
TELV 140Cinematography3
TELV 120Beginning Screenwriting for TV, Film, the Web, Corporate Video and Digital Media3
TELV 215Advanced Single-Camera/Digital Cinema Production3
TELV 240Agency Film Production3
Total Units: 21