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Former President Clinton Campaigns
 for Hillary at SAC

At the invitation of Democratic Representative Loretta Sanchez, President Bill Clinton visited Santa Ana College on Monday, February 11 during a two-day sweep of the state to campaign for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. He spoke to a diverse crowd of several hundred people, many of them students, about his wife’s candidacy, touting her decades of experience.

“This campaign could not be ending for our family in a more representative place,” he observed, “because Hillary believes America should work the way community colleges work.” He hailed community colleges as an embodiment of the American dream, where people of all backgrounds and economic levels can receive an affordable education. He also pointed to college loan and grant programs passed during his administration that he pledged his wife would not only continue, but also expand.

“You know we always have been there for you, in good times and bad. We’ve been there for California. She does not want to go back to the 90s. She wants to get you back on your feet again, so we can go together into the future.”

He also reminded the crowd that the close Democratic race between his wife and Barack Obama does not have to be divisive. “You don’t have to be against anyone, but you do have to pick the best president,” he explained.

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Polido and Representative Laura Richardson, Long Beach joined Sanchez in warming up the crowd before Clinton’s arrival with chants of “Si se Puede.” At stake in the February 12 primary, which Clinton ultimately won, were California’s 370 Democratic delegates.

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Juan Valdez

When Juan Valdez first arrived in the U.S. from Mexico City, he rented a room in a house near the Continuing Education Center (CEC) of Santa Ana College. One of his roommates told him, “You are an intelligent young man. You should apply for ESL classes at the college nearby.” The roommate advised Juan that enrolling at the college would be a good way for him to meet people, and encouraged him to arrive early for enrollment.

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