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A History of Success, A Future of Promise

Valerie T Bart

Alumni PictureValerie T. Bart continued her education at Santa Ana College after graduating from Orange High School in 1996. She focused on fashion design studies and received her A.A. in Liberal Arts and A.S. in Fashion Design and Merchandising before looking for freelance costume design work.

Her devotion to theatre began when she was job searching and discovered SAC’s theatre department was hiring costume technicians. To further her knowledge for the job, she decided to take theatre classes and fell in love with the industry.

“It wasn't about selling a product, but "selling" a concept, something that you truly believe in… I picked theatre because I knew that if I wanted to continue working in the industry I would need a degree,” said Valerie who earned her B.A. in theatre arts at UCLA in 2003.

Valerie credits her hands-on experiences at Santa Ana College that helped her skills develop and enrich her talent; first as a fashion department student, then her work for the theatre department, and now as the costume designer for her first musical, Cabaret. After Cabaret, she will continue her freelance work with SAC, for Danceworks 2006, the spring dance recital. Later, South Coast Repertory Theatre will use her talents as an assistant designer for upcoming projects.

Valerie has found a career that satisfies her need for a creative outlet. When asked about the challenges of her profession she mentioned job security and salary as the concerns she was warned about and expected. She adds, “But I love it, and cannot see myself doing anything else. You have to love it…”