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Office: D 432
Office Phone: (714) 564-5635

Marilou Morris

Marilou Morris has been a full-time faculty member of the Rancho Santiago Community College District since 1973,specializing in the teaching of oral communication. She has developed innovative programs and presented numerous workshops in the areas of pronunciation of American English for non-native speakers, intercultural communication, voice and diction, communicating with non-native speakers of English, developing fluency programs for non-native speakers, communication for health care professionals, and improvement of clarity and precision in all types of interactions, from public presentations to one-on-one conversations.

Ms. Morris received her B.A. in Linguistics from the University of California, Riverside. She holds two Master's Degrees from California State University, Fullerton - in Linguistics and Speech Communication. Research and study areas have emphasized the acquisition of spoken language behavior by non-native speakers, interference patterns exhibited by non-native speakers of American English, and skills in intercultural communication. She has also completed graduate certificate courses in Education and teaching methodologies. Continuing attendance both in language classes and classes in the field of communication theory enable her to maintain an ability to empathize with students in her own classes.

"My teaching philosophy is focused on regarding each student as an individual who is also part of a community of learners. This includes knowing each student by name and emphasizing the cultural and personal background that is brought to the class environment. You can't 'disappear' in my classes!"