Public and Community Art - Mural Painting

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The certificate program in Public and Community Art – Mural Painting is designed to prepare students for employment in both the designing and painting of large-scale public art murals. These murals are in demand by communities (such as city governments, schools, parks) to enhance and beautify public and private sites and to combat blight and graffiti. Public and private institutions use murals to brand their visual logos and promote specific messages on their public sites. Private businesses also want to brand their locations with large paintings or murals that include visual images and graphic signage. Students in this program will utilize both digital and traditional techniques from visual composition, illustration, sign painting, and fine art painting while integrating historical, traditional and contemporary mural painting styles. Students will also gain the specialized training needed (including how to prepare exterior walls for murals, specialized paints and protective coatings, safety measures and specialized equipment, and composing designs digitally for large application) to confidently seek employment in the above areas. Career opportunities include being the fine artist who creates, designs and paints murals, and/or using the acquired skills to be hired for mural restoration, as a fine arts painter, illustrator or the creation of hand- painted graphics; set and exhibit designer and creator, and also painter for construction and maintenance purposes.

Certificate Program

Learning Outcome(s): 

1. Demonstrate visual literacy, including competency in the nonverbal languages of art and design 

2. Demonstrate competency in critical analysis and verbal and written responses to visual phenomena 

3. Demonstrate competency in skills necessary for mural painting including large scale rendering, wall preparation and safety protocols 

​​4. Competency and experience in the production process of creating original work on deadline for mural projects 

Complete Core Required Courses:


​Course No.​​Course Title​Units
​ART 110Two-Dimensional Design​3​
​ART 130Introduction to Drawing​3​
​ART 141Beginning Painting​3​
​ART 131Beginning Life Drawing​3​
​ART 190Introduction to Mural Painting and Design​3
​ART 195​Introduction to Digital Media Arts​​3
​ART 291Mural Painting and Design II​3​
ART 292​Mural Painting and Design III​3​
​​Plus 1 Course From the elective list below:​​​
​ART 122Graphic Design I​3​
​ART 124Graphic Production​2​
​ART 158Ceramic Mural Project​3​
​ART 168Digital Media: Portfolio and Business Strategies​3​
​ART 192A
​Digital Illustration with Illustrator3​
​ART 232Advanced Life Drawing​3​
​ART 242Advanced Painting​3​
​​Total Units:​23-24



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