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What is Respirator?

The first and more important definition we have to understand is the distinction between a mask and a respirator. When we talk mask to protect against COVID-19, we are in fact talking about a respirator which is pictured on the right below.

Designed to provide two way protection (non-valve) but filtering both outward and inward air. Normally have stricter testing and security ratings depending on how much they protect the wearer.
The main advantage of sporting a FFP2 mask or respirator over a surgical face mask is that, when we put on a FFP2 we aren't only preventing our sneezes or coughs to achieve different individuals, but also ensuring that aerosols and droplets coming from others won't enter our circulatory system through the mouth or nose. This is because its electrostatic filter functions on both the outflow and inflow of air, protecting others from our emissions and ourselves from outer viruses and parasites.

FFP stands for"filtering face piece", and the number 2 indicates that the safety rating; there are additionally FFP1 respirators or masks (offering a slightly poor protection, yet still higher than that provided by surgical masks), also FFP3 respirators, the most filtering types and consequently the ones that protect the maximum. FFP masks are typically reserved for employees of high-risk businesses who are exposed to high levels of smoke, asbestos and dust particles in suspension, among many others. Regardless, it is the FFP2 version that's been proven to protect effectively against most respiratory viruses, including the coronavirus, which causes covid-19.

- Fresh and trendy atmosphere pass 99.9% filter and pump to mask, enjoy fresh and cool atmosphere readily

- Breathe out pass FFP2, 95% filter, keep others safe

- Frequent FFP2, air in and outside in same filter, easily get contamination.

- If any gap, then clean air flow goes out and prevent virus to enter mask. Not tight, more safe and comfortable for extended time working.

- it creates a seal around the face thanks to its tight fitting, covering the nose and mouth much more securely than a surgical mask, together with which gaps on both sides of the face are commonplace.

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