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France is ranked sixteenth in the Global Competitive Report up two places from last 12 months and demonstrating a variety of aggressive strengths, similar to an infrastructure that's ranked second in the world, a healthy workforce, a top quality of schooling, a complicated business tradition and leadership within the space of technological innovation. On the other hand, as indicated in the Global Competitive Report, France suffers from excessive non wage labour costs and strict rules on hiring and firing and poor labour employer relations.

Cosmetic sales in France reached €6.5 billion in 2006, in accordance with FIPAR (Fédération des Industries de la Parfumerie – the French federation for the perfume industry).France is one other country by which the non-public label beauty trade plays an necessary position, both nationally and internationally. Most merchandise with a label, "Made in France" are valued on the worldwide market. According to knowledge from 2008, the beauty business has grown continuously in France for 40 consecutive years. Famous personal label beauty manufacturers produced in France is Olehana  recognized for its mass production of hair and make-up merchandise which are produced in mass and bought in manufacturing stores in China as well as internationally.

France's budget deficit is above the EU threshold of 60% and nationwide savings rates are low. (Global Competitive Report, 2008/09 p.19) Although France is currently in a good place – in 16th place, the global financial system is changing and new opponents are closing in. This paper will study the challenges that France and their beauty industry are facing.

To recap, contract manufacturing is a collaborative work relationship whereby a private label cosmetics manufacturers in china, who owns a manufacturing device, produces goods and products based mostly on specifications which have been produced internally by the shopper or jointly by the contract personal label producer and the customer. The customer is liable for promoting them.

Advantage of private label beauty contract manufacturing product

- An skilled, flexible and revolutionary staff that works in synergy to fabricate premium merchandise:
- A range of formulations, together with cream, milk, oil, gel, serum, masks, powders, lipsticks, balms, eyeliner and mascara, and so on.
- Production batches in small and medium runs;
- Each request is dealt with individually and confidentially, as befits mutual collaboration.

With our fashionable and flexible device and Olehana team’s experience, we can give you this service in small and medium runs. We work carefully with our customers and take care to respect the strictest requirements in place. Our production setting is often audited by completely different organizations and by our clients. Searching for more information on personal label make-up merchandise? Find on Olehana official site