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Which computer speakers should I buy at Hoang Ha PC?

Computer speakers are always an indispensable accessory for users. Each different type of speaker will produce sound with different quality and frequency. In addition, buying computer speakers depends on your needs and budget. So which computer speakers should I buy at Hoang Ha PC? Top 4 models of these computer speakers will make you love to love.
Logitech 2.1 Z333 Speaker

Logitech 2.1 Z333 speaker is widely used and appreciated thanks to the main speaker and 2 super-sharp satellite speakers. Using the 40 - 20,000Hz band, the Logitech 2.1 Z333 can emit vivid, authentic sound. In addition, the speaker is also integrated with noise cancellation and anti-interference features, providing excellent sound quality.
Logitech 2.1 Z333 speaker was used by many people

With the purchase of the Logitech 2.1 Z333 speaker, you no longer have to deal with loud squeals when you watch movies or listen to music. On the main speaker body, there are USB ports that you can use for both Laptop, TV or VCD player.

Luxurious design with magical black color helps create class, luxury for your room.

Reference price: 1.280.000VNĐ
Speaker 2.1 Logitech Z213

The Logitech Z213 2.1 Speaker is a quality accessory from the Logitech brand. Its affordable price and excellent sound quality make this product a choice for many. Speaker power up to 70W helps spread sound over a large area. Frequency 20 - 20,000Hz with powerful bass vibration, dynamic sound. In addition, the ability to effectively eliminate background noise and noise also helps users enjoy deep music.
Enjoy deep music with the Z213 logitech speaker

A small drawback of this speaker is the magnetic infection and shyness when placed near the TV.

Reference price: 600,000 VND.
Speaker Logitech Z337 System with Bluetooth - 2.1

It can be said that the Logitech Z337 Speaker is the most worth buying speaker today. The clear, lively sound with a powerful and durable bass system will satisfy the most demanding users.

The design of the Logitech Z337 is quite modern and eye-catching with the main black tone. Next to the main speaker, there will be 2 additional small satellite speakers to help spread the sound in a large space.
The design of the Logitech Z337 is quite modern and eye-catching

The total power of the speaker is nearly 80W, making your room more vibrant, like a music party. It's a pity if you don't choose to buy this speaker.

Reference price: 1.400.000VNĐ
Speaker 2.1 Logitech Z625

Speaker 2.1 Logitech Z625 is a smart speaker. With the integration of both USB and Bluetooth connectivity, users can easily place the speaker anywhere in the room.

The highlight that the Logitech Z625 2.1 speaker has is the ability to eliminate noise and hum. Users will enjoy crystal-clear sound, lifelike reality thanks to the 130W frequency and moderate vibration.
The design of the Logitech Z625 is in style

The design of the Logitech Z625 has a powerful, noble style that is perfect for modern spaces. This set of speakers will include a subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers included.

Above are some quality computer speakers at Hoang Ha PC. If you need to buy computer speakers, please contact us.