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Let us suppose that this is your first visit to the Istanbul. One bright sunny morning you descend the steps outside HaydarpaĆ¾a Station to the edge of the sea, whose surface is ruffled by the cool breeze and above which the gulls soar and plunge. On the other side of the Bosphorus the roofs, minarets and domes of the old city are silhouetted against the sky. When the ferry boat has carried you across the Bosphorus you wander through the streets past mosques, medreses, tombs, fountains, churches, synagogues and other historic buildings that reflect the cultural mosaic of this ancient city. While walking remember to look up to see the finials that surmount the domes, conical caps and roofs of many of these buildings. They are not only a finishing architectural touch, but also symbols of religious faith and philosophical values that in different forms are found in many cultures around the world.