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Are you a Guest student?  If so, that means you are pursuing a program at another college (your Parent/Primary school), but are taking courses here at Santa Ana College (Secondary/Guest school).  The courses at SAC are applicable to fulfill your program requirements at your Primary/Parent School.  The Primary/Parent School needs to approve the courses being taken at SAC in the form of a Primary/Parent Letter sent to the Santa Ana College Veterans Affairs Office.
This applies to Chapter 33 Post 9/11, Chapter 30 MGIB, Chapter 35 DEA, Chapters 1606 & 1607 Reservist, and Chapter 31 Voc Rehab. 
Please do the following each time you request to be certified for the each term (The Winter Intersession and Summer sessions are separate terms as well):
r Enroll at Santa Ana College & register in required courses as advised by your Parent/Primary School Certifying Official. 
r Turn in to the VRC: Completed Purple Certification Request Form.
r Turn in to the VRC: A Current Parent Letter Approval from the Parent School.  This letter could be sent directly from the Parent/Primary School’s Certifying Official to Santa Ana College’s Certifying Official via mail or email.  Please request this from your Parent/Primary School’s Certifying Official and follow up with SAC’s VRC to make sure it’s submitted.
r Turn in to the VRC: [Vocational Rehabilitation Students (Chapter 31) only] Current copy of your Form 28-1905.  This is usually obtained from your Vocational Rehab Counselor.
r When the term is over, request Official Academic Transcripts from SAC’s Admissions and Records and submit them to your Parent School’s Admissions and Records for evaluation.
r Notify SAC’s VRC as soon as you get dropped or withdraw from your course/s.
r Keep a copy of the General Information and Responsibilities sheet.
r Apply for the CA Board of Governor's Fee Waiver and/or the FAFSA.  (For Chapter 33 students, we need to know your eligibility for a Tuition Fee Waiver first to determine how much Tuition and Fees we will ask from the VA).
Are you also taking courses at Santiago Canyon College?  If so, you must go to their Veterans Service Office and submit separate paperwork.  Although we are under the same district and your registration statement shows all classes from both schools, SCC has its own facility code with the VA and needs to process paperwork and certifications separately.  Santa Ana College cannot certify courses that are being taken at SCC.  Call them for more information: 
Santiago Canyon College – Veterans Service Office
Building A-210
8045 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA  92869
(714) 628-4793
If all of your courses are at SCC, then please take all of your paperwork to SCC. DO NOT TURN IN ANY DOCUMENTS AT SANTA ANA COLLEGE.
If your Primary/Parent School is Santiago Canyon College, there is no need for you to do this checklist.  The SCC and SAC Certifying Officials will be communicating with each other on getting your courses certified internally since we use the same forms and are under the same district. 
All certification requests are processed in dated order.  All guest students are expected to follow and understand the General Information and Responsibilities guidelines along with SAC Primary school students.  Please make sure you keep a copy of the General Information Sheet and Responsibilities.

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