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Building / Floor​​Name ​Ext./Room
A Bldg. 1st Floor Sheri Bagdonas 46750 / A-1​03
A Bldg. 2nd Floor Kris Ross 46864 / A-113
B Bldg Bungalows ​Kathy Apps 46136 / B-10
B Bldg Bungalows SA School Security M-3 46136 / B-10
C Bldg 1st Floor Carolyn McCabe 45615 / C-102
C Bldg 2nd Floor Bud Little 45616 / C-201
D Bldg 1st & 2nd Floor Martha Ramirez​ 46500 / D-435
D Bldg 3rd & 4th Floor Shelly Jaffray 46500 / D-435-2
E Bldg Avie Bridges 46911/ E-100
F Bldg Lawrence Abrahams / Selina Lievanos 46925 / F-114
G Bldg Gary Kinney 46941 / G-102-8
H Bldg John Zarske 46609 / H-101-1
I Bldg Ian Krzeminski 46264 / U-103-E
J Bldg Connie Jimenez 46722 / J-103
K Bldg George Moreno 46671/ K-101
L Bldg 1st Floor Edward Luna 46705 / L-103
L Bldg 2nd Floor Marisela Godinez 46113 / L-225
M Bldg Bob Menn 46672 / M-102
N Bldg Brian Kehlenbach / Omar Avalos 45653 / N-115
P Bldg Valinda Tiveman / Sean Small 45668 / P-106-7
R Bldg 1st Floor Cher Carrera 46295/ R-101
R Bldg 2nd Floor Denise Hatakeyama 46614 / R-218-3
R Bldg 3rd Floor Ben Nguyen 46636 / R-314-2
S Bldg 1st Floor Tuan Nguyen 46165 / S-110
S Bldg 2nd Floor Maria Taylor 46227 / S-209 Lobby
T Bldg 1st Floor Dietrich Kanzler 46683 / T-106
T Bldg 2nd Floor Michelle Parolise 46833 / T-209
U Bldg 1st Floor Maria Garibay 46211 / U-121-A
U Bldg 2nd Floor Rhonda Langston / Gilbert Cossio 46433 / U-218
V Bldg Zeferina Gonzalez 46894 / CDC
W Bldg Kaye Smith 46902 / W-102
Z Bldg DeAnne Quiggle 46310 / Z-100

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