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What does the Health Fee pay for?

The health fee is used to fund services provided at the Health and Wellness Center.  The fee covers the salaries of all the staff, medical supplies, health education materials, and all operational costs. 

What do I get for my Health Fee?

  • Free evaluations by RN's, physicians, and mental health providers.
  • Free or low-cost treatment for acute injuries, illnesses and infections, first aid.
  • Referrals for students needing care outside the department's scope of service.
  • Tuberculosis screening, immunizations, over the counter and prescriptive medications at lower cost for the student.
  • Information on low cost student health insurance and other community resources.
  • Psychologist/Interns who provide short term individual, couples or group therapy.
  • Psycho-educational workshops along with Health Education.

I will not use Student Health Services for myself.  Why do I pay the Health Fee?

The Health Fee invests in keeping the entire college community healthier.  Many students with health insurance utilize our services because,in many cases, we are more accessible.  All students are encouraged to utilize the broad range of services, resources,and information funded by student health fees  and provided by the Health and Wellness Center.

What if I already have Health Insurance?

Surveys have shown that many students who have health insurance prefer to receive services at the Health Center for the following reasons:

  • The desire to keep health visits private and confidential
  • The Health Center is conveniently located
  • Students can be seen on a walk-in basis
  • Health professional are available via the telephone
  • There is no co-pay or deductible

Are there any waivers for the Health Fee?

Students may qualify for a health fee waiver if they are enrolled in an apprenticeship training program or are active members of a religious organization that relies exclusively upon prayer for healing.  Waiver applications are available in the Registrar's office. Written verification must be presented with the application.

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