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What is the California Dream Act?

The California Dream Act is a law that allows students who are not California residents to receive State financial aid if they meet the AB-540 criteria.

 What is the AB-540 Criteria?

  •   Attended a CA high school for 3+ years
  •  Graduated from a CA high school or the equivalent
  •  Enrolls in a public CA college or university
  •  Undocumented students must file an affidavit with the institution stating that he/she has filed an application to legalize status or will file as soon as eligible.  This is done when the school determines AB-540 status.  If your residency status with Admissions & records is AB-540, you have already filed the affidavit.

 How does an AB-540 student apply for State financial aid?

  •  If the student is a US citizen or eligible non-citizen but not CA resident – complete FAFSA at
  •  If the student is not a US citizen or eligible non-citizen – complete Dream Act Application at

 Who is an eligible non-citizen?

  •  U.S. permanent resident, with a Permanent Resident Card (formerly known as an Alien Registration Receipt Card or "Green Card")
  •  Conditional permanent resident (I-551C)
  • Participating in the Deferred Action program does not make one an eligible non-citizen

BOG Fee Waiver Eligibility

  • Meet low income standards based on household size.
  • A student can apply for the BOG through:

o   The BOG app​lication online or paper application found in the Financial Aid Office

o   The Dream Act Application

o   The FAFSA

Cal Grant Eligibility

  • Meet Selective Service requirements
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Not owe a grant repayment or be in default on a student loan.
  • Not have earned a BA/BS degree
  • Not be incarcerated
  • Attend an eligible California school
  • Be enrolled at least half-time
  • High School GPA required (Entitlement)
  • Can apply for the Cal Grant through

o   The Dream Act Application

o   The FAFSA

To complete AB 540 application Board of Governors Fee Waivers Application Click here.​
To c​omplete California Dream Act Applica​tion year 2016-2017 click here.​

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