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Renee Miller

​Office Phone: ​(714) 564-6280
​TDD: ​(714) 564-6347
​FAX: ​(714) 667-3914
​E-mail: Renee Miller
​Office Location:
​SAC L-222-5
2nd FL., Neally Library
​Hours of Operation: Fall and Spring
Monday:  11:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday: 9:00 A.M. - 5 :00 P.M.
Friday: CLOSED
Summer Schedule: Call (714) 564-6280


What is the ABI Program?

The Acquired Brain Impairment (A.B.I.) Program is part of the community college's Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS). The main purpose of the program is to provide special remedial classes and accommodations to students with acquired brain impairments so that they can compete successfully in the regular college program. Santa Ana's Acquired Brain Impairment Program is not a self-contained program; the student's are provided with a personalized and individualized program consisting of a variety of classes and services on campus.


Who is eligible to attend the ABI Program?

Any individual who has sustained a medically verifiable brain injury that has resulted in cognitive, communicative, physical or psychosocial limitations may enroll in the program. It is the student's responsibility to provide appropriate documentation before beginning the program.


What classes and services are available for students with brain impairments?

While students may enroll in any class on campus, most initially enroll in special classes that are smaller and in which the pace is often slower. Special classes include computer based cognitive retraining, adapted exercise science classes, college basic skills classes such as math and reading and counseling and study skills classes.


 In addition, students may use other resources on campus such as the health center that provides individual and crisis counseling services, our Workability III Program, the Job Placement Center and our career counseling classes and counselors.

What accommodations are made for students in vocational or academic classes?

 Students may request accommodations that will help them succeed in selected classes. These should be discussed with the ABI professor when planning classes. Accommodations might include using a tape recorder, laptop, or a note taker in class, additional time to take tests, taking tests in another quieter location, or using adaptive computer equipment. The ABI professor will act as a liaison between the student and the professor and will help monitor the student's progress.

For more information about the program, contact Renee Miller.

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