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These tools are best used in consultation with a SAC counselor. Please contact the Center for Teacher Education at (714) 564-6352 to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.

Certificates, Permits, & A.A. Degrees for Future Teachers

SAC students have the opportunity to obtain an after school certificate and/or an Associates of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Please click on the links below for more information.

Education Certificates
Elementary A.A. Degree
Elementary AA-T Degree
Human Development Permits

Future Elementary School Teachers

SAC students preparing to become elementary school teachers need to consider several factors in planning their coursework. These include – meeting university transfer requirements, satisfying general education and major preparation requirements, as well as preparing for the CSET and a credential program. The Center for Teacher Education recommends that you meet with a counselor early in your preparation and continually at least once a semester.

Obtaining your bachelor's degree and meeting the requirements for the multiple subject credential program in an efficient manner takes careful planning. These planning tools can help streamline your education and prepare you for the credential program.

Cal State Fullerton

Recommended General Education for the CSET

Recommended courses that lead to completion of Plan B, an AA Degree, transfer requirements to CSUF, and prepares students for the multiple subject CSET examination.

Below is a link to academic planning guides for the various K-12 credential programs at CSUF:

Multiple Subject (Elementary)
Single Subject (Secondary)
Education Specialist (Special Education)

Cal State Long Beach

Liberal Studies Major, Track I Option                                                       

Track I of the Liberal Studies major at CSULB is designed for students who wish to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree to prepare them in the academic subject areas related to elementary or secondary teaching. 

Liberal Studies Major, ITEP Program

Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree and credential program.  This program combines the study of academic subject matter for teaching K-8, professional preparation courses, and field work experience.

Cal Poly Pomona

Liberal Studies Major

The Liberal Studies major at Cal Poly Pomona offers several pre-credential options for students interested in elementary teaching.

Cal Poly Pomona Liberal Studies (ASSIST)

View the requirements for the Liberal Studies major at the ASSIST website.

UC Riverside

Liberal Studies, Elementary Education Emphasis

The Liberal Studies program at UC Riverside is designed exclusively as a program for teacher preparation. The courses required in this program are designed to help prepare students for the California Subject Exam for Teachers (CSET), which is required for all new elementary teachers in California. In addition, these courses will also apply to either UCR college breath or IGETC requirements.

UC Riverside Liberal Studies (ASSIST)

View the requirements for the Liberal Studies major at the ASSIST website.

Chapman University

Integrated Educational Studies Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Educational Studies is designed for students who want to teach elementary education and is one of the available majors at Chapman University.

Concordia University

Liberal Studies, Elementary Education Emphasis

The liberal studies major is the Elementary Subject Matter Preparation program for students planning to be elementary or multiple subject teachers. This site contains a list of courses students can take at SAC to work towards their liberal studies major at Concordia University.

Azusa Pacific University (Orange County Regional Center)

Liberal Studies (Formerly Human Development)

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is an innovative, alternative degree program designed to provide subject matter preparation for prospective elementary or K-12 special education school teachers.  It accommodates experienced adult learners, many of whom are working in classrooms as para-educators, and draws upon their rich experiences in school settings. This program is designed specifically for adults who have two or more years of college credit and want to earn a degree while on the job.

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