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Drop for Non-Payment

Enrollment and health fees must be PAID IN FULL within THREE calendar days of registration or all of your classes will be dropped and released to other students. 
In addition to the 3-day non-payment drop policy, there is a final outstanding balance drop date.  No balance will be carried over into the start of the semester.  All fees (enrollment and health fees) must be paid in full by the Friday (midnight) before the start of the semester.  If there is a balance on your account, your classes will be dropped the next morning (Saturday) regardless of when you registered.

Note: Students will NOT be dropped for non-payment once the semester/session begins. For late starting classes, please check WebAdvisor for drop and refund deadline to avoid fees.
If you need assistance paying your enrollment fees and would like to apply for a Fee Waiver, please go to the Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application.
It is your responsibility to check your account balance and pay the amount owed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this new “three calendar days” policy being implemented? 

Due to California’s fiscal crisis, it has become necessary to require that students pay their fees within three days.  Those who don’t pay their fees on time cause a financial burden to the college that ultimately impacts all students. 

After I register for classes, is the amount of time I have to pay fees measured in days or hours?   

You have three calendar days (including weekends and holidays or other campus closures) to pay enrollment fees. Day one is the day that you register. For example, if you register for classes on Monday evening at 8 p.m., you must pay your fees by the end of the third day (Wednesday) or your classes will be dropped.

Is it possible that my class is dropped even after I made a late payment on the fourth day?

Yes. The drop process takes many hours to run. It is possible that the Automated Payment System processed your payment but you are dropped from your class anyway. ALL DROPS ARE DATE-DRIVEN. PAYMENTS MADE AFTER 3 DAYS WILL NOT STOP THE DROP PROCESS.

Will SAC use my credit balance from previous semesters toward my new classes?

Your credit balance from previous semesters will NOT be automatically applied to your new classes.  IF you have a credit balance on your account, you must contact  the Cashier's Office (714) 564-6965 to apply your credit balance to the new classes. Please do this before your three-day deadline to make sure that you are not dropped for non-payment.

Will I be notified before my classes are dropped for non-payment?

No. It is your responsibility to pay all enrollment fees due within three calendar days of registering.  

If my classes are dropped for non-payment, can I re-register?

Yes, you can re-register online.  However, the classes you originally obtained may not be available.  If you re-register, you will be required to pay within three days or be dropped again.  If a class section is full, you can place your name on a wait list. 

What fees are included in the non-payment drop policy?

All enrollment and health fees must be paid in full to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Unpaid parking fees should be paid as soon as possible but will not result in dropped classes due to non-payment. 

What happens if I have an outstanding balance and I try to register for classes?  

A hold will be placed on your records that will not allow you to register for classes until the outstanding balance(s) has been paid. 

If I have not paid for my classes, can I be put on a waiting list?

Yes, at the time of your first registration only. If your fees are not paid by the end of the first day that you register, a hold will be placed on your record on the second day. You will not be eligible for placement on a waiting list or to register for any additional classes.  

I need money for school so that I can pay fees.  What can I do?  

You may be eligible for financial aid or a scholarship. Contact the financial aid office via e-mail (, or visit the SAC financial aid page. You may also visit the scholarship office web site.
A number of local banks and credit unions have special low interest microloans for students. Additional information on this option is available at SAC’s financial aid office (U-221).

I’m a financial aid student.  How am I impacted by the non-payment policy? 

Financial Aid students are responsible for the health fee. To avoid a hold on your account, please pay this as soon as possible.

What if I currently have a fee waiver?

If you have a fee waiver, no enrollment fees are generated. However, you are still responsible for the health fee. Confirm your status by contacting the financial aid office (714) 564-6242, or visit the SAC Financial Aid page.

What if I will be receiving a scholarship and don’t have my check yet?

The SAC scholarship office will be diverting all student checks to the SAC Bursar for fee payment unless you request them not to or have a BOGW. You may contact the Scholarship office at (714) 564-6478.

I can only pay for part of my classes.  Are partial payment available?

Partial payments will not be available as the intent of the policy is to ensure that fees are paid in full within three days. Additionally, payment plans will not be offered so if assistance is needed to pay fees, students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office at (714) 564-6242 or

What is the last date that students will be dropped for non-payment?

In addition to the 3-day non-payment drop policy, there is a final outstanding balance drop date on the Saturday before classes begin. No balance will be carried over into the start of the semester. Students must be paid in full by the Friday (midnight) before the start of the semester to avoid being dropped for non-payment (regardless of what day the student registered).

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