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Construction Alert

Dear SAC Family...

This e-mail provides you with information about Measure E-related construction projects that are set to launch on the west side of campus on Monday, February 20, 2012. The planned construction will be inconvenient for all of us. However, in the long run, the entire college community will benefit from the campus improvements that will be coming.


You can read about the improvements and how the college will benefit on the SAC website by visiting


For now, these changes in parking, vehicle circulation, and pedestrian walkways may affect your daily routine through May 14, 2012. They include:


  • College Avenue will be closed south of parking lot #13 (17th Street and College Avenue).
  • Access to parking lot #13 will remain available from 17th and Artesia Streets.
  • 15th Street and Martha Lane become permanent cul de sacs with no access to campus.
  • Campus Drive (interior east-west campus road) will be closed at parking lot #11.
  • Parking lot #11 will be accessible from the east.
  • Pedestrian walkways between Washington and College Avenues will be closed - pedestrians can access 17th Street via Pacific Avenue.
  • Pedestrian walkway between parking lot #11 and the south side of the track will provide access to College Avenue.


SAC Westside Campus Improvement map

Download Map (PDF)


For more information, please call (714) 564-6981.


Thank you for your patience!


As ever,

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