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Title Trusting the Process: The Mathematicians Have Taken Over Sports
Location H-107
Start Time 10/22/2019 3:30 PM
End Time 10/22/2019 5:00 PM
Over the last 10 years, professional sports teams have done crazy things in a quest to win championships. In 2013, Astros lost 111 games, in 2018 they won the World Series. In 2015-2016, 76ers lost 72 of 82 games. This year they were 4 bounces away from winning Eastern Conference semifinals.
How is math taking over the world of sports? What is allowing it to happen at such an accelerated rate? How is math changing who is considered a good player and how we play the game? And how is it that you can use those lessons to make decisions, & pursue career All of these questions will be explored in our fun and innovative discussion on sports, statistics and analytics.
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