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Unless you are one of the extremely small group of people who pay with cash, you need to quickly become an informed consumer on the funding issue when thinking about buying a new car. For most customers who buy a car for the first time, one of the biggest costs of purchasing a new car is the interest on the loan you need to make for your purchase.

But there are several ways to finance a car, and if you know your options can save good money.

Like you want to pay the best price for a car, you always compare prices... well, you should also compare prices for the best option on the auto loan. And the ideal time to become well informed on a car tribal installment loans guaranteed approval is before you go shopping.

Get pre-approved for a loan before you start shopping for a car means buying with cash. You can take the car immediately to the agency without having to wait until the installment loans with bad credit ( ) is approved and paid, and bringing the check back to the agency. In most cases the apply for an easily obtained loan may be approved by your lender in a couple of days.

All lending institutions are not equal. You can save hundreds of dollars when comparing prices to find the best financing offer. Before you sign anything, talk with several lending institutions to know their current interest rate on the loan.

Even if you get a low rate, perhaps a promotional rate, remain cautious when the car seller starts to propose financing options. You probably do not need the extra life insurance or accident insurance or additional insurance, or extra coverage and anticorrosive primer.

Finding a good lending agency can be hard. The key word here is convenience. Because many car companies have their own affiliated lending institutions such as GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) you can select a car and a car loan for the application process. The process is generally quicker than applying for a bank loan, and the agencies accept more easily than banks to buyers with credit reports that are not as perfect as they should.

They also usually help customers with special needs, such as those first-time buyers and new college graduates. And best of all, car companies sometimes offer promotional financing at a low rate on certain models. (But do not expect discount financing on popular models).

The downside? Funding agencies dealers may be more expensive, especially for poorly informed buyers. (Agencies can sometimes earn as much money in financing and in the sale!)

So, summarizing

• Remember that the price tag of a car does not reflect the full cost of owning a financed vehicle. • Talk to several lenders such as banks, credit unions or finance companies. • If you find a lower interest rate of an agency of dealers, make sure that there is a promotion not requiring extra insurance or service, such as corrosion.