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Benefits of the NASA Space Program

 During the "America in Space Show," a list is displayed of the benefits that can be traced to NASA's technological research and engineering. Several show attendees have asked that we publish this list.


Computer Technology

Ground Processing Scheduling System 
3-D Semiconductor Stacking
Structural Analysis
News Exchange Reader
Air Quality Monitoring
Advanced keyboard Design
Database Management System
Laser Surveying
Aircraft Controls
Expert System Software
Advanced Imaging and Design Graphics.


Enriched Baby Food
Water Purification System
Scratch-Resistant Lenses
Pool Purification
Ribbed Swimsuit
Golf Ball and Composite Golf Club Design
Portable Coolers/Warmers
Sports Training
Athletic Shoes
Shock-absorbing Helmets
Home Security Systems
Smoke Detectors
Flat Panel Televisions
High-density Batteries
Trash Compactors

Food Packaging and Freeze-dried Technology

Sports Bra Design
Hair Styling Appliances
Fogless Ski Goggles
Self-adjusting Sunglasses
Hang Gliders
Art Preservation
Quartz Crystal Timing Equipment.

Environmental and Resource Management

Solar Energy
Weather Forecasting Aids
Forest Management
Sensors for Environmental Control
Wind Monitor
Telemetry Systems
Plant Research
Fire Resistant Materials
Radiation Insulation
Whale Identification
Environmental Analysis
Noise Abatement
Pollution Measuring Devices
Pollution Control Devices
Smokestack Monitor
Radioactive Leak Detector
Earthquake Prediction System
Sewage Treatment
Energy Saving Air Conditioning
Air Purification

Health and Medicine

Digital Imaging Breast Biopsy System
Breast Cancer Detection
Laser Angioplasty
Ultrasound Skin Damage  Assessment .
Human Tissue Stimulator
Coolant Suit
Programmable Pacemaker
Ocular Screening
Automated Urinalysis
Medical Gas Analyzer
Voice-controlled Wheelchair
Arteriosclerosis Detection
Ultrasound Scanners
Automatic Insulin Pump
Portable X-ray Device
Invisible Braces
Dental Arch Wire
Palate Surgery Technology
Clean Room Apparel
Implantable Heart Aid
Bone Analyzer
Cataract Surgery Tools.

Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology

Magnetic Liquids
Welding Sensor System
Magnetic Bearing System
plasma Sprayed Engine Lubricant
Interactive Computer Training
High-pressure Water Stripping
Advanced Welding Torch
Gasoline Vapor Recovery
Self-locking Fasteners
Machine Tool Software
Laser Wire Stripper
Lubricant Coating Process
Wireless Communications
Engine Coatings and Design.

Public Safety

Radiation Hazard Detector
Emergency Response Robot
Pen –sized Personal Alarm System
Lightweight Emergency Rescue Cutters

Firemen Air Tanks

Personal Storm Warning System
Self-righting Raft
Doppler Radar
Firefighters’ Radios
Lead Poison Detection
Fire Detector
Flame Detector
Corrosion Protection Coating
Protective Clothing
Robotic Hands


Studless Winter Tires
Better Brakes
Weight-saving Technology
Improved Aircraft Engines
Advanced lubricants
Energy Storage Systems
New Wing Designs for Jets
Safer Bridges
Emission Testing
Airline Wheelchairs
Electric Car
Auto Design
Methane-powered Vehicles
Wind Shear Prediction
Aircraft Design Analysis


The list is in no way all inclusive.

This information is not original research on my part, I just visited many websites to cull the information. Contact NASA for more information and details.

I make no claims as to the veracity of the information in the list.




​Benefits from the

NASA Space Program

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