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Students study at math center

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Faculty instructors, instructional assistants, student assistant tutors, and volunteers are available to help SAC math students increase their understanding of various math topics, assist with math assignments and guide students in the use of technology. It is vital that students log in to and out of the appropriate attendance computer in order to use the Math Center


The Math Center has 47 computers that students may use to complete their math assignments, watch math videos, practice their skills with math tutorials or access software related to their coursework such as STATDISK.

​Graphing Calculators

The Math Center has some TI-84 and TI-83 graphing calculators attached to some of the tables. Students may download Calculator apps and programs from most of the MC computers.


college algebra textbook coverPre-calculus textbook coverMath textbook cover

Each class has a designated table with a tethered textbook.


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   Math Center Hours
Fall & Spring
Monday thru Thursday
9:00AM - 7:50PM
 10:00AM -12:50PM
12:00PM - 4:00PM
Monday thru Thursday
12:00PM - 5:50PM
Monday thru Thursday
12:00PM - 5:50PM
 Room L-204   Map  
Contact Us
Phone: 714-564-6678
Email Us      


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