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The pass rate for the NBCOT National Certification Exam can be found here NBCOT Performance Data.
 You can access the NBCOT site by clicking on the NBCOT Performance Data link (above right) or going to their address at:

Program Completion Rates:

Graduating Class of 2014Total Admission​Total Discontinued Program​Graduated with Original Cohort​Graduated with Subsequent Cohort​Total Graduation Rate​

​Cohort Entering Fall 2012 

Cohort Entering Spring 2013​




​6 (10%)


50 (80%)


​6 (10%)



29 Students​33 Students​


​Graduating Class of 2015Total Admission​​Total Discontinued ProgramGraduated with Original Cohort​Graduated with Subsequent Cohort​Total Graduation Rate
​Cohort Entering Fall 2013Cohort Entering Spring 2014​




​13 (21%)


​44 (72%)

4 (7%)



​28 Students​33 Students

Graduating Class of 2016​ ​​Total Admission
​Total Discontinued Program
​Graduated with Original Cohort
​Graduated with Subsequent Cohort
​Total Graduation Rate
​Cohort Enering Fall 2014
​Cohort Enerting Spring 2015

58​ ​
​ ​

8 (14%)

43 (74%)​ ​

7 (12%)​ ​

 86%​ ​
28 Students
​30 Students

*Students that graduate in December take the National Certification exam in the following calendar year.

The pass rate for the OTA Certification Exam for the three previous academic years (2014, 2015, 2016) can be found in the table below: 

​YearNumber of Graduates*Number of New Graduate Test Takers​Number of New Graduate Test Takers Who Passed the Exam
​Percentage of New Graduates 
that Passed the Exam

 *Santa Ana College reports graduates per academic year, and NBCOT reports graduates per calendar year.



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