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​Mission Statement: The Santa Ana College Fire Technology Department serves a diverse community of students​. The program provides students the opportunity to develop the technical, academic and professional competencies required for fire and emergency service professions, as well as transfer to higher educational institutions.  The department is committed to developing civic leaders that advocate, champion and engage in the ethical administration of public policy.

Looking to transfer for a degree, or find work in Fire Technology​?

It starts at SAC

 image (25).jpeg

Video of the Full-time 168th S.A.C. Basic Fire Academy <-- Click Here

Video of the Full-time 166th S.A.C. Basic Fire Academy<-- Click Here

Video of the Full-time 162nd S.A.C. Basic Fire Academy<-- Click Here

   * Frequently Asked Questions about the Firefighter I Certification 

   * Pre-Service Firefighter Career Guide (California)


MONDAY - THURSDAY ~ 8 am till 5 pm

 FRIDAYS ~ 8 am till 12 noon

​                                                       Main Office Contacts

                                      Phone (714) 564-6845 Fax (714) 564-6850

Donald Mahany, Assistant Dean, Fire Technology
Office: 714-564-6845
Location: SAC – A113

Click here for Donald Mahany's Biography

Gary Dominguez, Director of Fire Instruction
Office: 714-564-6406
Location: SAC – A113
Norma Castillo, Administrative Secretary
Office: 714-564-6407
Location: SAC – A113
Toinette Boster, Administrative Clerk
Office: 714-564-6848
Location: SAC – A113
Terri Wann, Professor / Wellness Coordinator
Office: 714-564-6861
Location: SAC – A113
Click here for Terri Wann's Biography
Kris Ross, Professor / Wellness Coordinator
Office: 714-564-6864
Location: SAC - A113
Fire Officer Program, Hillary Barker
Office: 714-564-6405
Location: SAC – A113
Hillary Barker, Administrative Clerk
Office: 714-564-6404
Location: SAC – A113

                                         Professor & Adjunct Faculty Contacts​

Suzanne Freeman, Professor / Department Chair
Office: 714-564-6860
Location: SAC – A113
Jennifer Meloni, Assistant Professor
Office: 714-564-6846
Location: SAC – A113
Marta Sneddon, Professor
Office: 714-564-6863
Location: SAC – A113
Don Sneddon, Professor
Office: 714-564-6865
Location: SAC – E108
Frank Mead, Adjunct Faculty
Office: 714-564-6845
Location: SAC – A113
Dennis Childress, Adjunct Faculty
Office: 714-564-6845
Location: SAC – A113
Stephen Horner, Adjunct​ Faculty
Office: 714-564-6845
Location: SAC – A113
Click here for Stephen Horner's Biography
Ben Garrett , Adjunct Faculty
David Verdecia, Professor
Location: SAC- A128 
Mike Busch, Professor
Office: 714-803-6054
Location: SAC
Dennis Wiskus, Professor- Online
Location: SAC
Dan Stefano, Professor- Online
Location: SAC
Jon Muir, Professor
Office: 714-609-2591
Location: SAC- A128 
Debbie Martin, Professor
Location: SAC
Bethany Bletscher, Professor
Location: SAC- A128 


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