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Glen Hammonds​(714) 564-​J-203
​Noemi English​(714) 564-6661english_noemi@sac.eduJ-201-1​


 Employment opportunities are varied and unlimited for qualified and trained individuals in a field of diesel & heavy equipment which is experiencing rapid growth in all parts of the county.

Typical places of employment include distributors and dealers that sell diesel engines, construction equipment and trucks.  Others are bus lines, construction firms, government agencies, independent repair ships, fleet companies and specialized facilities.

Starting salary for students graduating with a degree and certificate ranges from #2,000-$2,500 per month.  The top salary is $50,000 to $80,000 per year.

Mid-Range Engine Service Option Degree & Certificate

The associate degree and certificate curriculum in the mid-range diesel engine service is designed to prepare students with knowledge and skills applicable to light and medium-duty diesel engines mass-produced in the trucking industry.  Experience will be acquired in domestic and foreign versions of these engines.  Students currently in the trade working on medium-duty gasoline engines or new students entering in the trade will benefit from this training.

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology Degree & Certificate

The associate degree and certificate curriculum in diesel and heavy equipment is designed to successfully prepare students to enter the medium and heavy duty transportation industry as an apprentice or helper diesel mechanic or provide supplementary knowledge for equipment operators and truck drivers.  The program provides lecture and lab activities geared to heavy-duty diesel engines, power train units, steering and suspension components, brakes, electrical and fuel systems, as well as developing oxyacetylene and arc welding skills.  Those working in the industry will be able to improve their competencies in each subject area.  Employment opportunities exist for trained men and women in a rapidly expanding field.

Transport Refrigeration/Temperature Control Option Certificate

The certificate curriculum in transport refrigeration is designed to prepare students to enter the field as an apprentice or helper service technician.  The factory approved course work provides training in the service, repair and troubleshooting techniques of Carrier Transicold and Thermo King truck and trailer refrigeration units.  The course work is made up of lecture and lab performances on current production units, covering the refrigeration and electrical systems used to control the units operation to maintain desired product temperature to protect the consumer's health.  Employment opportunities for men and women exist in this rapidly expanding field.

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