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Reading N50   Groundwork for Reading
Reading N80   Fundamentals of Reading
Reading 091   Reading for Meaning - U.S. History
Reading 096   Individualized Reading
​Reading 101   Introduction to Academic Reading
Reading 102   Academic Reading
Reading 150   Critical Reading

Reading N50  Groundwork for Reading    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
A reading course for students needing to build vocabulary and enhance reading comprehension. Recommended for students in English N50 and EMLS 055.

Reading N80  Fundamentals of Reading    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
Group instruction in basic reading skills including techniques for improving vocabulary and spelling, work attack skills, and reading comprehension. Not applicable to associate degree.
Grade: P/NP only.

Reading 091  Reading for Meaning- U.S. History    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
Continued critical reading and development of background information needed for success in understanding texts, essays, and stores in a specific subject area such as literature, American history and government, geography, etc. Subject focus varies by semester. Related multi-cultural readings included. Grade: P/NP only.

Reading 096  Individualized Reading    Top

Units: 1
Prerequisite: None
Individualized work at student's own ability level for the following skills: vocabulary, comprehension, critical evaluation, and reading rate. Grade: P/NP only.

Reading 101  Introduction to Academic Reading    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
Instruction toward students' mastery of higher-level vocabulary, reading comprehension at the level of proficiency, critical evaluation of college-level text and improvement of reading rate with a focus on lifelong understanding, and self-development through reading.  Completion of or concurrent enrollment in EMLS 110 or English N60 is recommended.

Reading 102  Academic Reading    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
Introduces a repertoire of reading strategies aimed at preparing students for comprehension of complex college-level reading material. Advanced reading strategies provide the foundation of the development of critical reading and the recognition of patterns of academic thought. Reading strategies for specific disciplines, including the Social Sciences, Business, Humanities and the Arts, Mathematics and the Natural Sciences are presented. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in English 061 or EMLS 112 recommended.

Reading 150  Critical Reading    Top

Units: 3
Prerequisite: None
Emphasis on the development and application of reading skills in the interpretation, analysis, criticism and advocacy of ideas encountered in academic reading. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in English 101 recommended.

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